How many times a day do you check your email? Are you jumping back and forth between social sites, your email and actual work as we speak? My guess is all day, every day. If you’re like most human beings on planet Earth, your smartphone is a nonstop, buzzing machine of Facebook notifications, Snapchats, and a hyperactive email account.

But it’s not all junk mail and distractions from work because of your email- and that of your customers or clients- has the potential to truly be an area of engagement and success. With our 6 tips to email marketing, you’ll find the ways to make any email account a huge part of a successful campaign.

Subscribe With Ease

Accessibility and convenience are everything these days and that doesn’t stop when it comes to your email marketing and campaigns. By making your email newsletter or subscription list easy to find- and subscribe to- your customers, clients, and community will be more willing to join in. Make it simple and make it fast; all you need is their email. By getting the basics: an email and first name, they are now a part of your daily, weekly or monthly rotation, where you can not only share with them but always give ways to gain more information from them along the way.


Deliver the Goods

Now that your current- and potential- customers are getting your emails, make sure you deliver something that grabs their attention, keeps them engaged and impresses them at first glance.

By creating a cohesive and branded newsletter, your customers will feel from the onset the message and mission behind your company. A consistent layout, valuable content and quality images will ensure that every newsletter is filled with engaging and digestible information that your customers can take with them.

On the Go

Speaking of “taking it with them,” did you know that upwards of 70% of emails are opened on a mobile device of some sort. Not only are people using their phones more than ever for everyday browsing, but having communication “on the go” is more popular than ever.

Why is that important? Because if your newsletter (or your website for that matter) are not mobile responsive (think: mobile friendly) you can kiss your readers goodbye. No one wants to squint their way through an endless scroll of poorly formatted info and images. Make sure anything you want people reading on a laptop can be viewed with the same quality, on their smaller devices, as well!

Give Them an Opt-Out

We’ve all been there: signed up for an email we didn’t mean to, thought the content would be a better fit for us than it actually is, or simply aren’t in need of something anymore… and we want out!

That’s perfectly fine! Giving your customers a clear out is good business practice and says a lot about who you are as a company. There’s no need for tricks, gimmicks or hard to find opt-out buttons. If they found you in the first place, they can find you again, so let that little birdie fly and see if it comes back when ready!


Link It Up!

BUT… if they stay, it’s probably because they really want to! It means they’re finding your information valuable and my guess is, they wouldn’t mind seeing more of it. This is exactly why you should always include your social links in every newsletter, email and blog post you put out. Show them where to “follow” or “like” you on Facebook and Instagram, make it easy for them to share great content and help them to connect with your company in more ways than one.


Stay Competitive… In a Good Way

Competition is great for business because it forces everyone to work harder and produce higher quality products and services… and who doesn’t want that? By keeping a pulse on your competitors, you can help to stay aligned- or ahead- of the standards. Subscribe to their emails, follow them on social media and pay attention to how they are marketing to their clients. No one is saying to copy or steal their content, but staying in the know and then adapting your content to offer MORE, is always smart business.


Did you ever stop to think about how much of your TV show airtime is actual show… and how much is really scattered commercials? Sure, it says it has a runtime of 60 minutes, but if you think you’re sitting there, soaking up all the sexy drama for a full hour, you, my friend, have another thing coming. Ads are everywhere, from TV to radio, to magazines- and definitely, more than ever, on our computer screens. The marketing industry is moving and shaking like never before and your business needs it NOW to stay toe-to-toe with your competitors. If it’s not YOUR ad that someone is reading- and sharing- it will be another business that is soaking up the glorified spotlight. But with the circus that is running a business, one more To-Do may simply be your breaking point. So pass the torch to 2Ten Marketing and let us help you get your business in front of current- and potential- customers today! 

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