2017 Trends Taking the Marketing World By Storm

Y'all a new year is upon us and from where we stand, 2017 is bound to be an explosive year in marketing.  With the rise up of new and innovative technology, coupled with the consumer thirst for in your face and IN THE MOMENT experiences, marketing will never be the same.

But for companies looking to grow their businesses, outsmart their outdated competitors and make a fresh splash in the world of marketing, these new trends are the tools to get on board with.


Everything from gender reveal parties to sports events to the first Presidential debate was streamed LIVE in 2016.  Gone are the days for hee-hawing over missed important life events or social must see’s, thanks to the ability to now go LIVE from any mobile device using social media.  And while the trend has been gradually growing over recent years, we suspect that 2017 will be the break out year, for individuals and brands alike, to fully utilize this instant-gratification phenomenon.

2.  Continuing the Practice of Native Advertising

Remember the Reece’s Pieces scene in ET all the way back in 1982?  Well, say hello to just one form of native advertising.  And while it’s no secret that native advertising has been around for some time, the ways in which it is offered or seen by the public, have been and are expected to evolve dramatically this year.  Fancier, smarter- sneakier if you will- ways of getting the brands you love (or hate) in front of you, without ever knowing. 

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3.  Understanding the Data Before Us

If you have a question, then you want the answer, right?  Well, while there is no shortage of answers, data (and possibly misleading information) across the World Wide Web, there is in fact an inability to understand it.  With data comes numbers on numbers on numbers and for many of us, especially those trying to consume the information to make big decisions, the data we are looking at often escapes us. With a burst of new data visualization tools emerging into the market, seeing the data in charts and infographics, finally takes the work out of understanding and analyzing the who, what, when and why.  Using these tools will be a fundamental advantage to understanding and expressing the information before us to be able to more successfully manage our campaigns to consumers.

4.  Unprecedented Augmented Reality Possibilities

It was in 1998 when football was forever changed with the unparalleled yellow-first down line.  Since then, the trend of using Augmented Reality to reach the viewer or consumer has slowly increased until recent years, finally using this technique to entice and include the public.  Huge brands like Nike, Absolut and of course the craze of PokémonGo last year, have truly shown the benefits and reach of using AR to reach the consumers.  Whether you are on a run with Nike or exploring Sweden with Absolut, branded applications are available and ready to take people to a whole new world of adventure, magic and for some, out of this world experiences.

 5.  Updated Social Information

Don’t you just hate when you go to a page for a business, via Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc., and the information is either lacking or wrong all together?  Nothing screams unprofessional more than not having updated and accurate information for your consumers.  We’re talking telephone number, address, website and other social handles.  How do you expect someone to make a reservation, hire you or follow you on Instagram, if the information given is a roadblock to your business?  Stay up to date, ensure all of the necessary contact details are in place and have a system to check these regularly.  We want your current- and prospective new clients- to have full access to you, so give them the deets and keep it fresh! 

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