Email Campaign Marketing & Design

Email is among the most impactful methods of advertising because your customers are already there. According to a 2012 study, 57% of email subscribers spend 10-60 minutes browsing marketing emails each week (ChoozOn). Your customers are waiting for you.

Whether you are looking to entice past customers or attract new ones, no marketing medium has as many benefits as email.  An email campaign is highly trackable, allowing you to quickly improve your design and your offers using real data—you can identify what works and push it. Email campaigns allow you to target specific people: if you want to hit everyone in a 5-mile radius or just the people who have purchased a specific product in the past, you can do it all with email.



Pricing & Features

Email Campaign Design

Starting at $400

  • Professional Design
  • Responsive, mobile compatible design
  • Analytics and reporting allow you to see what your email recipients are clicking on and improve your campaigns in the future.
  • Social media integration

Email Campaign Delivery

Starting at $0

  • Free delivery to up to 2,000 email addresses
  • Pricing starts at $30/mo over 2,000 email addresses
  • ISP Feedback Loops alert us whenever your recipients report your campaigns as junk or spam. We unsubscribe those addresses from your list in order to keep you from being blocked in the future.