Did you know that 69% of email users report an email as spam simply based on the subject line? And for those that don’t get reported, more and more, emails are being dismissed, deleted and ignored without ever finding out the content or message of the sender. So, what is a company to do?

At 2Ten Marketing, we know that you want to write compelling emails that connect and engage with your clients. In a day and age where it seems that almost everyone is getting their information from their devices and the internet, we want to help you create emails that will compel your clients to not only open and read- but to act on them, as well! Continue reading for our best tips on how to write engaging emails that your clients will read- and respond to!

1. Start With the Subject Line

When people open their emails early in the morning or even quickly between meetings, it’s important to reach out and grab them right away- without scaring them away. The subject line of your email is the first opportunity you have to engage your readers… and knowing how to position it goes a long way towards success.

While some businesses try tactics such as not capitalizing the subject line, to seem informal or from a friend, others create urgency and “Calls to Action” to motivate the reader to move forward immediately. We believe in keeping it short and sweet (remember, everyone’s busy) and personalizing the subject line if possible. But our biggest NO-NO is using obvious spam trigger words in your subject line. Do that and you’re practically asking to get blacklisted.


2. Talk in Second Person

Can we be honest? No one cares about what you are doing, so leave the “I can do or I have…” talk at home. What really gets clients interested is what THEY can do, so work on positioning your email copy towards the reader AND for the reader. By using the pronouns “you,” “your,” and “yours,” you are able to ignite a personal flame for the reader and keeping them interested in your emails.


3. How Does It Benefit the Reader?

Often times emails are written to inform clients about new services or products they need to know about. But… and it’s a big but… it’s so important to explain the BENEFITS of the feature, and not just the feature itself. Sure, they will need to know exactly what is that you’re offering them, but more importantly, they want to know how it will help them. Similar to the “show, don’t tell” method, being mindful of how you present your content will truly make your readers want to know more.

4. Skim It Baby

Let’s be real: you don’t read all of your emails from start to finish, right? We’re pretty sure you skim a majority of your messages- and you’re not the only one. Most people skim the emails in their inboxes- especially those that aren’t from people they know personally. By creating emails that can be easily browsed, you are raising your odds at engaging your readers. This can be done by using bullet points, utilizing bold font for key messages and ultimately, keeping the emails brief.

Also, reiterate your takeaway message at the bottom of the email, or in a P.S., so that if the reader did truly scan your email, they still get the gist at the end of the content, as well.


5. Segment, Segment, Segment

We cannot stress this tip enough; by segmenting your email lists and sending out the appropriate emails to the applicable lists, you are tremendously helping yourself in the long run.

Not every email is meant for every contact, and by identifying the purpose of each email and connecting them with the correct email sequence, funnel or newsletter, you are increasing your chances of a better “open rate.” By using the many amazing programs available, you can easily segment, send and review the stats to see how your conversion rate is faring- and maybe where you need to tweak your lists.


Did you ever stop to think about how much of your TV show airtime is actual show… and how much is really scattered commercials? Sure, it says it has a runtime of 60 minutes, but if you think you’re sitting there, soaking up all the sexy drama for a full hour, you my friend, have another thing coming. Ads are everywhere, from TV, to radio, to magazines- and definitely, more than ever, on our computer screens. The marketing industry is moving and shaking like never before and your business needs it NOW to stay toe-to-toe with your competitors. If it’s not YOUR ad that someone is reading- and sharing- it will be another business that is soaking up the glorified spotlight. But with the circus that is running a business, one more To-Do may simply be your breaking point. So pass the torch to 2Ten Marketing and let us help you get your business in front of current- and potential- customers today! 

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