Did you know that Squarespace, a site builder used for companies like Tony Hawk and Lyft, commits to answering all questions within an hour?  YES!  One hour.  In a day and age where the nonsensical parts of our lives are instantaneous, but the need-to-know, make or break parts seem to drag on, a one hour response time deserves a standing ovation.

Did you also know that because Squarespace is a “closed off” platform, meaning you can only use plug-ins directly from the company?  That may seem constrictive to some, but in reality, it ensures that only high-quality, tried and true plug-ins are being used on their site- and you can’t argue with that.

So what else is there about this rapidly growing, website building platform that you may not know?  Read on, as we break down 4 of the biggest Squarespace questions out there- and give you the answers you need before creating your next beautiful site for business.

Is Squarespace right for my business or blog?

Business websites are not one size fits all. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, many factors will determine the type of website you should launch. So what should you consider if there isn’t a definitive answer to “is it right?” 

  • Things to Consider:
  • Personal knowledge or desire to code or update site.
  • Business or shop size.
  • Time constraints to handle website security or maintenance.
  • Overall preference of style and look.

Many times, the people who fall head over heels for Squarespace are creative or small business owners, who prefer clean lines and a more modern approach to their site.  Also, if a business is too large or sells more than 200 items in their shop, it’s best to head over to Wordpress, for a more complex set up.

Where do I put SEO keywords with Squarespace?

Squarespace lets you optimize all the normal SEO functions of any drag and drop site-builder. Outside of the normal SEO title and descriptions, Squarespace offers a special bonus that its competitors do not- a customized URL. The incredibly “SEO friendly” site builder ensures that your website is fully loaded with keywords, so make sure you take advantage of these tools by inserting your keywords, here:

  • The URL slug of each, individual page.
  • The page description for each page.
  • The search engine description.
  • And finally, an often overlooked tool, inserting keywords into your images on your site.


Does switching templates hurt my SEO with Squarespace?

Not at all! Updating your site is a normal and expected aspect of many business sites, so feel free to shake things up and try a new look if you’re feeling the need to give a little facelift to your company’s site.


Can my Squarespace website look custom?

Of course it is! Squarespace is chockfull of useful tools to take your cookie cutter template to the next level.  Giving your site a unique look is a cinch when you take the time to really insert your own personality, instead of simply swapping in and out.

Take advantage of the various fonts, color options, page setups and button styles to break the normal “demo” mold.  Or if you’re really feeling creative, start with a blank page off the bat and design to your heart’s desire, adding in your own content as you go.

Ultimately, the more you get to know how the site works, the better you will be able to customize it.  But if you really don’t have the time- or the desire to- fully customize your own site, feel free to use one of the many website designers that specialize in Squarespace. When it comes to your digital calling card, there is no shame in hiring a professional to truly round out and spruce up the website of your dreams!

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