The Fierce Five: The Go To Sites to Get Your Business Found Today

Unless you’re using that clunky, yellow phonebook as a booster seat for a small child, go head and toss that thing out!  Gone are the days of sifting endlessly through page after page, only to call a business that very well could’ve changed its info since the ink dried on those very pages you’re turning.

Nope, that is all behind us now.

Now, we have modern technology, up to date information and a whole Internet filled with phone numbers, addresses and websites, practically begging you to click them.

But what good does it do for the people not even listed on the major sites?  Sure, keeping your information updated is important, but if that information isn’t being seen… well then, it’s kind of pointless, dontchyathink?

Getting your business listed- and listed in the right places- is what will get you found, bottom line.  And that bottom line comes with more customers, more business and more revenue.  So where exactly do you want to be listed to get the job done?   We’ve listed what we consider to be the “BIG Five” below, so stop procrastinating, register your business and get ready to reap the benefits.



Listen, if my 65+ year old mother can accurately ask “OK Google, where is…” to find the nearest dry cleaners, art supply store or plumber, than you better believe the newer generations can do that… and some.  And not only can someone “just Google it”, but with the Google My Business feature, you can get your business front and center in your local area.  Once found through Google My Business, your customers are almost literally driven there for you, thanks to Google Maps.  It doesn’t get any easier- for you or your customers- these days, but you have to get listed first!



With a whopping 36.3 million people using Yelp monthly, this platform, once known for basic reviews and not much else, has transformed into a Go To site for all things informational. From the common review to updates, promos, and actual posts from the companies themselves, Yelp now allows users fully access to businesses from every point of view.  If you want pictures, it’s there.  Event listings?  You’ve got it. From a website or app, information is literally at your fingertips waiting to be found.



While the name may initially conjure flashbacks to the hilarious Chandler Bing of Friends, this site is actually starting to carve out a name- and recognition- all of its own.  With stats coming from Mashable about the impressive 30% grab of online searches, Bing is definitely trying to play ball with the big boys.  And with the launch of Bing Places in 2013, with similar features as Google My Business, getting your business in front of local consumers is easier than ever.



If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?  Well, while the Yellow Pages never “broke”, it definitely got too outdated to stay relevant.  But instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water, so to speak, they took their huge built-in user base from the old days and transformed it into an user friendly, tech- savvy- and most importantly, relevant- online tool.  Perfect for the small businesses and local shops looking to stay competitive, YellowPages offers a taste of present day technology, with a welcome sentiment of nostalgic familiarity. 



And finally, we all know that you can’t go anywhere or read anything these days, without seeing a link to Facebook.  The mega crazy social site is quickly changing with the times to fully encompass the needs of its users.  From pictures of babies to selling items to major business campaigns, Facebook really is a one-stop shop for everyone.

But maybe you’re not ready to have a Facebook Ad… and that’s OK.  Creating a business page with Facebook is still a great first step to having your business in the social limelight.  With a business page, everything from hours of operation, phone number and customer reviews are only a click away. The social integration of using Facebook for business allows you to literally “trend” right amongst your clients’ friends and families, sharing your message, story or specials as often as you want. 

Insert Shameless Plug Here:

Did you ever stop to think about how much of your TV show airtime is actual show… and how much is really scattered commercials? Sure, it says it has a runtime of 60 minutes, but if you think you’re sitting there, soaking up all the sexy drama for a full hour, you my friend, have another thing coming. Ads are everywhere, from TV, to radio, to magazines- and definitely, more than ever, on our computer screens. The marketing industry is moving and shaking like never before and your business needs it NOW to stay toe-to-toe with your competitors. If it’s not YOUR ad that someone is reading- and sharing- it will be another business that is soaking up the glorified spotlight. But with the circus that is running a business, one more To-Do may simply be your breaking point. So pass the torch to 2ten Marketing and let us help you get your business in front of current- and potential- customers today! 

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