If you want to get your business in front of your customers- but you’re not already on social media- that will have to change. Social media marketing, aka digital marketing, is one of the most effective ways to spread the word that your business is the place to be or use. Getting started is free on every platform and with a few hours a week you’ll be set up, scheduled and ready for success.

Here are our top tips for using social media to help your business grow:


Ways to build your social media to bring in customers & leads. Small Business social media media tips.

Schedule It

Truly one of the best-kept secrets of digital marketing is using a scheduling application to save you time and stress. By taking a few hours at the beginning of each month to schedule an entire month’s worth of content- outside of any off the cuff news you may have along the way- your feed will be active and posting to your target audiences on a daily basis.

Now, Facebook makes this easier than ever to schedule and post right from inside their pages- and frankly they prefer it. For other platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, you can find programs that work for any budget with applications such as Smarter Queue or Buffer.


Keep It Fresh

Now that your content is scheduled and ready to go, don’t forget to continuously be on the lookout for fresh, new content that doesn’t turn your feed stale.

Consider the 80/20 rule, consistently posting 80% of other people’s content in your relevant space, while peppering it with 20% of your own original content. Most importantly, don’t just post to post- it’s always quality over quantity in our opinion.


Use Keywords and Hashtags

#Despite #the #overuse #of #hashtags in every teenager’s social post, there is an actual purpose for them- and it can help you grow your business. Take a moment to scour the hashtags across all platforms, finding the ones that are relevant to your industry. For example, a person in business may search “#companyculture” or “#leadership.” While you don’t want to get too specific or too broad, the keywords in the middle can help you network, research competition and optimize your content.

Similarly on a blog, don’t try to keyword stuff your pieces without rhyme or reason. While that was a tactic in the past for Google search engines, it not only looks bad but doesn’t work the way it previously did. Search engines are looking to validate content rich- not keyword rich- posts with invaluable information for the readers.


Increase engagement & activity on Social Media. Small business social media tips.

Build Your Audience

If you decide to have accounts across all platforms, don’t forget to keep your branding similar across them as well. Typically it is recommended to keep the same profile and cover photos across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to ensure a cohesive brand.

Additionally, you’ll want to invite people to like your Facebook pages, follow others on Twitter and LinkdIn and work on providing a space for people to come to expect you regularly for great content.



Perhaps if we had to choose just one (after setting up the accounts in the first place) actively engaging on your page and with your followers is hands down the best piece of advice.

Without engagement the social media algorithms will make it seem like you or your business fell off the face of the earth, essentially “hiding” your account from prospective customers. On the flip side, if you are actively engaging with your audience, answering to comments and posting on other pages as well, your visibility will grow immensely.

Be Responsive

Finally, answer your messages people! Answering messages shows your visitors that you are invested in connecting. Facebook even shows just how responsive you are with a percentage rating to keep you on your toes.

One more thing to look out for? Reviews. Whether they’re positive or negative, you want to be sure to respond to them quickly and authentically. In our opinion, responding to negative reviews holds more weight than positive because this is an opportunity to publically show your community that you are committed to providing incredible support for your product or service. Acknowledge the issue and authentically work to make it better; you never know how many future clients are watching.


Let’s not act like we have it all together, ok? Life is crazy, new social platforms and tools are popping up every other day, and with every day that passes, we get closer to saying things like “kids these days” and “how do you work this damned thing?” The truth is: the world- and especially the elusive World Wide Web- is constantly changing, evolving and making us jump through new hoops. How do you keep up? You hire the experts. That’s right folks, it’s time to stop wasting your time squinting at the screen and actually get back to focusing on what you do best- running your business. Leave the “liking”, the “tweeting”, the sharing and the social media shenanigans to those of us crazy enough to keep up with the trends. Our “in-house hipsters” will keep your clients engaged, excited and most importantly- growing- to give you the following you need- without the gray hairs you don’t. Let 2Ten Marketing manage your social media content and marketing to have a successful social presence today.

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