Especially for small businesses, we certainly understand the fear of outsourcing your marketing tasks. From quality control to budgetary issues, it can SEEM like hiring one more person to do something will only increase your outgoing money… perhaps without bringing much back in.

The thing is though… you have it all backwards!

By hiring a team to handle the marketing aspects of your business, you are not only able to get back to doing what you do best (and love) but you are bringing in the experts, to handle your marketing needs with experience, skills and tools. In turn, the reach that your marketing team is able to realize with not only your current, but potential customers, ends up making you more money in the long run. Need more than that? Sure thing! Follow our 6 reasons to start outsourcing your marketing needs today!

1.    No Training Required

This actually goes both ways if you think about it. Since you’re hiring the best at what they do… let them do it! They know the ins and outs of marketing and thankfully, that will be one less person that requires your time and minute-to-minute guidance.

On the other hand, you also won’t need to train yourself to learn the tools and tricks to successful marketing. Remember, you opened your business with passion and knowledge for what you do, not to continuously learn other industries and roles. With an outsourced marketing team, you remain the expert at what you do or provide… and let the marketers excel at their jobs, too!

2.    Trends and Tools

When you hire an outside marketing firm, like 2Ten Marketing, you don’t need to worry about equipping them with anything except your goals and initial information. The tools needed to successfully market any company, as well as access to the newest trends in the industry, are already covered by the marketing firm.

This means no more monthly subscriptions to new applications, no more trying to find “trial platforms” to collect your data and less time scouring the internet to find out what works- leave it to the pros!


3.    Gain Additional Perspectives

When occupied with the day-to-day activities and tasks, it’s easy to understand how you, or your team, could be blinded by the job at hand, often times resulting in a lack of both creativity and information.

With a marketing team, they can help bring interesting and relevant topics to you, as well as foresee any potential issues from an alternative perspective. Bottom line: it is always beneficial to have outside viewpoints and opinions!

4.  Streamline Your Current Staff

Just like you, your staff is pulled in many directions from the very start of the day. When everyone is busy- doing all the things- one more task could significantly hurt the big picture and overall growth of your company.

The thing is: marketing is no small task. It requires insights, experiences, time and capabilities from a team that is made up of many different talents and strengths. Expecting your own team to add that to their workload will inevitably result in less overall success for the business.

5.  More Than Just Marketing

Inside of a successful marketing team can be found: a high-level marketing lead, SEO expert, social media strategist, copywriter, web designer, team manager, and so much more. The skills they have acquired individually come together perfectly to deliver all of the various needs for your marketing strategy- and are next to impossible to find in one, or even two, in-house staff members.

6.  Watching Your Bottom Line

At the end of the day, we know it’s all about the bottom line, right? If you can’t afford a marketing team in the first place, then what good does any of this information do for you? Thankfully, you CAN afford a marketing team- and they will in turn, save you money… while making you more!

As we mentioned above, you won’t need to invest in new marketing tools or classes to learn a new skill, but have you considered that when hiring a marketing company, you are paying a fixed monthly rate- not a salary! Even better is the fact that you won’t be responsible for the insurances or benefits that go along with any full time employee… and that always add up quickly.

And if you feel like the costs are getting to expensive compared to recent sales or future profit projections, scaling your expenses with a marketing team is so much easier- and cost effective- then firing and rehiring in-house marketers.

But most importantly, a GREAT marketing team is going to reach your audience and help you to grow your business. More people will see your ads on social media, more people will connect with your content and ultimately, more people will buy your products or use your services. Does making more money sound good to you? Because it sounds like a win/ win to us!


Did you ever stop to think about how much of your TV show airtime is actual show… and how much is really scattered commercials? Sure, it says it has a runtime of 60 minutes, but if you think you’re sitting there, soaking up all the sexy drama for a full hour, you my friend, have another thing coming. Ads are everywhere, from TV, to radio, to magazines- and definitely, more than ever, on our computer screens. The marketing industry is moving and shaking like never before and your business needs it NOW to stay toe-to-toe with your competitors. If it’s not YOUR ad that someone is reading- and sharing- it will be another business that is soaking up the glorified spotlight. But with the circus that is running a business, one more To-Do may simply be your breaking point. So pass the torch to 2Ten Marketing and let us help you get your business in front of current- and potential- customers today! 

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