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When it’s time to make things happen at 2Ten Marketing, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to get the job done. Of course- we email, make phone calls and pick up a pen and paper every now and again. But the real heroes of our workplace are made up of these 5 all-star tools… and if you’re not already using them as a small business owner… you need to make it happen Captain.    


Trello is the love child of project management tools, emails and Sticky Notes. We know it sounds messy, but trust us, the baby is so damn cute. This amazing, little hybrid keeps even the most unorganized of people on task, in line and completing tasks on time. By acting as a communication tool, it minimizes your email chaos, while making the whole team more productive.

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Oh dear, how we love Voxer- which is pretty much a walkie-talkie for adults. Voxer delivers voice messages that can be listened to in the moment; but that are also recorded, so that the message can be listened to later or revisited. We love being able to pull our important messages to share to our email (or Trello boards) so that we can find it easily and listen to it whenever.


If sales funnels, email lists and landing pages make your head spin, you can stop the spiraling sensation with Ontraport, a one-stop shop for all things business automation. When we need to whip up a new form or start a new email campaign, our go-to is always with Ontraport.


Even our very own, in-house design nerds love the simplistic, graphic design capabilities of Canva. With this beauty, even babies could churn out an appealing blog graphic, social media cover photo, poster or more. It’s easy to use and has a plethora of amazing fonts and backgrounds, to help make every graphic need of yours a walk in the park.


And at the end of the day, when you need to store all.the.things, throw those bad boys into a Dropbox folder and call it a day. With Dropbox, our team is able to access all of our files- on any device- at any time. Plus, why would you junk up and overstuff your computer memory, when you can store it in a cloud-based platform? Talk about a win/ win, right?


C’mon guys! The technology is out there, the power is at your fingertips and there is literally almost an app for anything your small-business- owning- heart desires. Jump into 2017 by using these tools to help grow your business, increase productivity and streamline your systems!

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