So you already have traffic on your website- congratulations, THAT’S the first step. You did your work, marketed your site or blog and now- what? You’re done? As great as it is to have visitors reading your content, nothing truly matters until you turn those visitors into customers.

And for that, we use LANDING PAGES.

Don’t worry it’s not as scary as it sounds- and in fact, any marketing company can get one up and running for you in a matter of minutes (though, let’s be realistic). A landing page is exactly what it sounds like: a place for your customers to virtually land on your site- considered by some as the “homepage”. But more importantly, a landing page SHOULD BE where your business captures the information of the visitors to convert their visit on your website into a lead. Here are all of our favorite ways to make the most of your landing pages:

Get More Sales

This goes hand in hand with generating more leads. The more customers to contact via phone or e-mail, the greater your chances are at securing more business. For every lead you capture on your landing page, you have just increased your odds at generating more income- and isn’t that the goal in the first place?

Gain Insights

Marketing help for medical spas, plastic surgeons, and more.

For those that take their marketing seriously and utilize more than one platform, your landing page is a great place to experiment and tweak the copy that gets customers interested. For example, if you find that one particular lead form converts at a higher rate than others, you can then take that information and use it to create copy for Facebook Ads, e-mail funnels and more.

Showcase Your Offers

Use your landing page as more than just a way to bait people into giving up their information. In fact, your page should always showcase your best offers, helping to entice them to give out their contact info- the very thing so many people are hesitant to do so these day. This is also another great data point to refer to; for instance, if a specific special is flopping- and NO ONE is biting on the offer- perhaps it’s time to rethink your services. However, if you have a service or product flying off the proverbial shelves, then you’ll know this is the perfect service to advertise on other marketing channels.

Offer a Freebie

Want to know the golden ticket to collecting customer names and contact? Simple, give them something for free. Your freebie- or lead magnet as it’s called in the marketing world- is a value-added incentive for customers visiting your page to give you their information. In return, you’ll supply them with something OF VALUE that will help their business, ease a pain point in life or make a task that much easier. For moving companies a great lead magnet would be a free downloadable PDF checklist of the ‘Top 10 Packing Tips’ when moving from home to home. Others could offer summer activities for the kids or new ways to utilize social media. Whatever it is, if it’s good enough, your customers will easily hand over their e-mails in exchange for this helpful information.

Understand Your Demographic

Finally, if you set up your landing page correctly you should be able to gain invaluable information on the demographic most drawn to your services or products. With this information the world is truly your oyster. You can continue to study this group of people, quickly honing in on your ideal customer, their pain points and what drives their spending habits. After you have nailed down this critical piece of the puzzle, you can expertly craft copy that speaks to them in engaging and approachable ways- and ultimately bring home the sale.


Did you ever stop to think about how much of your TV show airtime is actual show… and how much is really scattered commercials? Sure, it says it has a runtime of 60 minutes, but if you think you’re sitting there, soaking up all the sexy drama for a full hour, you my friend, have another thing coming. Ads are everywhere, from TV, to radio, to magazines- and definitely, more than ever, on our computer screens. The marketing industry is moving and shaking like never before and your business needs it NOW to stay toe-to-toe with your competitors. If it’s not YOUR ad that someone is reading- and sharing- it will be another business that is soaking up the glorified spotlight. But with the circus that is running a business, one more To-Do may simply be your breaking point. So pass the torch to 2Ten Marketing and let us help you get your business in front of current- and potential- customers today! 

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