I think we can all agree that nothing feels worse than an over eager salesperson trying to sell us on every deal in the house, right? But what do you do when there are actual products and services to sell… and your business kinda depends on it? That’s when content marketing kicks the sleazy car salesman to the curb and brings the information and appeal, without being pushy!

For medical spas trying to promote new services, amazing products and stay one step ahead of the game, it’s equally important to inform your clients, without coming off too aggressive.  Thankfully, the following 4 reasons are exactly how content marketing can put your spa front and center… in the best way possible!

Being the Expert

Let’s face it- no matter what the procedure is, everyone wants to be in the right hands. Show clients why you’re the obvious choice for all of their medical spa needs by sharing relevant content, explaining new and innovative techniques so that they can understand and voicing your opinion in ways that make it approachable and engaging. When they feel like they have the best right before them, their choice for their next procedure will be a no-brainer!


Trust Is Key

Trust is the happy consequence of becoming the expert in your clients’ eyes. Content marketing allows your medical spa to subtly prove that you are a source of knowledge and expertise, in an industry that all claim to be the best. Once clients- both current and potential- see your business as the authority, they will trust that any experience at your spa will be nothing short of exceptional.


Provide Personality

Can we be honest? The jargon that goes with most medical spa procedures and appointments is, well- dry, to say the least. With so many technical terms flying around, it’s easy to understand how your clients can leave a little dazed. But by having approachable content flowing from your website and blogging about the latest trends or techniques, you are able to open the doors to your very own personality. Now, the next time Susie B comes to get her monthly injections, she will feel confident that she is walking into an office that is not only the best, but welcoming, as well!

Provide the Visuals

The truth is, that the proof is indeed in the pudding folks. When it comes to “selling” your clients on your services and procedures, nothing is more compelling than actually seeing it with your own eyes. Provide weekly examples of just how amazing a facelift, tummy tuck or Botox procedure can be, by sharing before and after photos, that do all the selling you need. Remember, it’s about SHOWING- not TELLING- that gets people in the door… and coming back for more!

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