Being a small business can feel like a double-edged sword at times. You see the room to grow, aren’t burden with a huge amount of overhead, but sometimes the path to success seems out of reach. We’re here to highlight 4 major marketing tools that will help small businesses take the steps to play ball with the big boys.

 Social Media

We’re a huge proponent of social media and have seen first hand, the success from a perfectly planned out content calendar. Don’t make a rookie mistake and overwhelm your audience by overdoing it. Instead, plan out your week or month in advance with what relevant information, specials, or events you want your clients or customers to know about, without bombarding their social feeds.

Using social sites like Facebook and Instagram are a great first step to getting your brand in front of your customers, dishing up helpful info and providing a place to contact you for your services.


Use Tools to Make Life Easier

Especially while you’re still in “small business mode” using tools that help make your life easier- that are free or damn near it- seems like a no-brainer to us. With so many amazing applications and programs available today, there’s nothing you can’t do- quickly and for a great price!

From using an organizational platform, such as Trello, to keep the team on task to creating amazing graphics, flyers and social posts, that even the office tech-resistant resident can enjoy- the possibilities are endless. We also suggest checking out applications such as Dubsado that help with workflows and invoicing or using Constant Contact or MailChimp as your go-to emailing sidekick! No matter what you need help with, the tools are available, waiting to be used!

Protect Your Data

As you continue to grow, so will the endless amounts of data you have obtained over the years. From customer contact information to orders, sales and basic business data, all of this helps to create your upcoming marketing strategies. Imagine if 2,3 or 10 years down the road, all of that information simply- vanished! As horrible as that sounds, with a cloud backup service, you wouldn’t need to live in fear of a computer crash or accidental wipeout! Storing your data in a cloud backup makes it easily accessible from anywhere in the world- and protects some of your most valuable marketing assets in the mean time!


Check Your SBA Resources

Many people overlook the vast amount of resources available with the Small Business Administration (SBA) when running their businesses. Whether you are just starting up- or looking to grow- the SBA has a wealth of knowledge available, specifically including your marketing plan. From developing your initial strategy to understanding the relationship between marketing and sales and even how to budget- the SBA is a tool for success!


Let’s not act like we have it all together, ok? Life is crazy, new social platforms and tools are popping up every other day, and with every day that passes, we get closer to saying things like “kids these days” and “how do you work this damned thing?” The truth is: the world- and especially the elusive World Wide Web- is constantly changing, evolving and making us jump through new hoops. How do you keep up? You hire the experts. That’s right folks, it’s time to stop wasting your time squinting at the screen and actually get back to focusing on what you do best- running your business. Leave the “liking”, the “tweeting”, the sharing and the social media shenanigans to those of us crazy enough to keep up with the trends. Our “in-house hipsters” will keep your clients engaged, excited and most importantly- growing- to give you the following you need- without the gray hairs you don’t. Let 2Ten Marketing manage your social media content and marketing to have a successful social presence today.

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