It’s time to face the facts- online marketing is where it’s at these days. From newspaper ads to mailbox stuffers, the only thing making money from paper these days is actually money itself.

And while it may be hard to transition your business- especially one that has been around the block a time or two- from traditional marketing to the online space, the truth is… there are actually some pretty great benefits for small business owners! If you’re tempted to try online marketing, read on as we blow.your.mind to the top 3 reasons online marketing is positive for your business!

Affordable Social Channels

As a small business owner we suspect you watch every nickel and dime that leaves your pocket. Depending on the size of your company, typical costs like payroll, insurances, utilities and basic products or tools can leave you with little to no money for necessary things- like marketing!

Enter into the world of social media and your online marketing is already off to a rolling start! Through social channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can successfully start promoting your products, services and message without ever spending a dime! Everything from signing up to posting images to publishing posts are 100% free, leaving you spending only time to keep it going.

But when you’re ready, hiring someone to oversee your social channels- to ensure consistency and quality- is a worthwhile investment. On top of account management, an effective marketing team will understand the proper techniques to take your account from “meh” to “mega” in no time. Finally, growing your account following can be significantly impacted by the use of social ads and promotions- an expense that still falls well below traditional paper marketing.

SEO Success

Now that you’re on your way to embracing the online marketing world, get ready to get completely… lost. Yes, unfortunately it’s true, that understanding SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) is a whole other ballgame. While most people can begin to grasp the beginning of social media, the SEO realm still eludes the masses. Nevertheless, this step is crucial to successfully market online… if you want to play with the big boys.

So, what is SEO- and why do you need it?

In layman’s terms, SEO helps your business to be found in the WORLD WIDE WEB. Using appropriate keywords and strong links, your website listing will appear higher on the search results of major players like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Imagine how important this is to your business; would you search through pages on pages of a phonebook if you found what you were looking for on the first or second page? Of course not! Essentially this is the same concept, except that with quality marketing professionals, they can actually help to change your ranking, instead of staying still in the same hidden corner of the Internet, unbeknownst to potential customers and clients.

Content is King

Finally, it’s important to remember that without quality content, all else is kind of pointless. Think about it: without engaging content, a social media page is just… there. And without keyword specific content, a website truly has nothing to be ranked on for SEO in the first place.

So at the end of the day, what do you have to do? PROVIDE CONTENT FOR YOUR CONSUMERS!

For some people the knack for writing comes easy. However, aside from even having the ability to write engaging content, it’s finding the time to make it happen. For that reason alone, it’s beneficial to hire someone who has the time to turn out engaging posts and understands the online marketing world, to be more effective with every word that comes from your business.

This can come in the form of posts, ads, LIVE videos, mini stories and quality images. All of these are pushed through the various social media outlets, onto the websites and eventually through SEO to help generate the traffic that your company truly needs to secure their online presence.


Remember, you don’t have to dive head first into the online marketing world, but it’s important to realize that your competitors ARE! When it comes time for new customers to find their next favorite store, restaurant or service based facility… we like to think that YOU want to be the name listed first in the search list.

But, hey, maybe you’re tired of new business.

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