Digital marketing has grown, evolved and changed over the years. Many of the old marketing methods once so prominent in the industry have fallen by the wayside, replaced by new technologies, emerging methods, and other factors. However, one that hasn’t been eliminated and is actually more important today than ever before, is email marketing. It’s really the only way to truly hit your audience where they live – in their inbox. With the help of an expert in online marketing in San Antonio, you can maximize the value offered by this marketing method.

Why Email Marketing?

Given the amount of hoopla surrounding things like social media marketing and mobile app advertising, it’s natural to wonder why something so seemingly “old school” as email marketing is still relevant, much less vital to your success. It’s pretty simple, actually.

Email marketing is easy. It’s cost effective. It keeps your audience informed. It hits them on their personal turf, as opposed to someplace neutral like on social networks.

The Benefits Offered

So, what can email marketing do for your business? With the help of an expert in online marketing in San Antonio, you can hope to enjoy a wide range of benefits. Let’s look at some of the most important.

  1. Cost Effective   No matter what your business might be, you have a limited marketing budget. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective options out there, allowing you to get your message into your recipients’ inboxes for almost nothing.
  2. Measurement  It’s difficult to track the effectiveness of most marketing methods. Sure, your local newspaper rep tells you that you that the paper was delivered to 20,000 people, but you haven’t seen an uptick in sales. Where did those people go? Did they really see your ad?  With email marketing, measuring, tracking and analyzing are simple tasks. This allows you to do a number of things, including fine-tuning your message and content, rewarding the most loyal customers and a great deal more.
  3. Connect Other Methods  One of the most significant benefits of email marketing is the ease of connecting other platforms and tools. Link to your social media accounts. Link to your website or your blog. Retarget these customers that have shown interest. Just by having these items included, you automatically increase your chances of success. Compare that to traditional, hard copy advertising, and you see that it’s far easier to get your audience to engage with you on other platforms.
  4. Personalization   Today’s consumers are savvier than ever, and they despise cookie-cutter advertising methods. You simply cannot afford to send the same message to every single person you’re targeting. It doesn’t work. Email marketing is simple and easy to personalize and customize. This allows you to send a different message (or iteration of each message) to individual recipients. It goes beyond knowing their name – you can tap into information like past purchases, browsing history on your site, personal interests and a great deal more.
  5. Segmentation  With the right tools and expertise from a professional in online marketing in San Antonio, you can segment your user base. This allows you to go beyond personalization and increase sales conversion through specificity. For example, if you ran a camping and outdoor gear company, you could sort through your database and send emails to everyone who had purchased a tent in the last year, or those who’d purchased camp cooking gear (or anything else, for that matter).

As you can see, email marketing is alive and well, and it remains an essential tools for your success. Working with an expert in online marketing in San Antonio will ensure that you’re able to maximize its value.

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