You’re a small business owner. Your marketing budget is very limited. You’ve got enough cash on hand for a small flyer campaign in your local area, or maybe a limited direct mail campaign, but that’s about it. Sound familiar? It should – most small businesses find themselves in this situation at one point or another. However, it’s vital that you consider digital marketing technologies and how they can help your business grow and even thrive. Why should you work with a San Antonio Internet marketing firm like 2ten Marketing to utilize digital marketing? Here are the five most important reasons.

1. Save Money

A simple comparison between traditional advertising methods and digital marketing technologies will show you something surprising. Conventional, offline advertising is very expensive. Digital marketing isn’t. In fact, some methods are so inexpensive they’re virtually cost-free. Some really are free. Combine that with the fact that they’re far more effective than traditional marketing, and you can see why you need to work with a San Antonio Internet marketing firm.2. To Deliver High ROI

Every small business needs to ensure that the marketing methods it employs deliver good ROI. Without a decent return on that investment, you’re just throwing money away. You don’t have the budget for that. Suppose you spend $1,000 on a postcard campaign and you get five new customers out of it. That’s not a particularly good ROI. Digital marketing technologies offer much higher ROI through a combination of better reach, better accuracy, and lower cost.

3. To Stay Competitive

No matter what your industry or niche might be, you have competitors. You need to stay if not ahead of the game, then at least neck and neck with your nearest competitors. You can bet that they’re using digital marketing technologies, and if you’re not, they’ll leave you in the dust. Harnessing digital marketing technologies allows you to achieve a number of goals, including matching prices, iterating on inventory, providing better services and a great deal more. However, none of that is possible if you’re not on the same playing field as your competitors.

4. To Qualify Efforts

How effective was your last conventional advertising campaign? Qualifying the results was probably pretty difficult. With digital marketing technologies, you’ll find that qualifying your efforts is far simpler. You can track, measure, analyze and compare campaigns, audience segments, marketing messages and methods, and pretty much anything else you need with the right tools. With this information in hand, you can fine-tune your efforts and increase your success and profitability.

5. To Handle Growth

Growth is your goal, but it can come at a cost. With the right technologies in place, you can handle change much more easily. Digital marketing technologies are generally easily scalable, meaning you can ramp up or down as your business demands. Conventional marketing methods are not so easily adjusted to account for changing needs and budgets.

Of course, there is a challenge here. It can be very difficult for small business owners to determine what technologies offer the best ROI and utility for their specific needs. Not all methods are created equal, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution here. While these solutions are more affordable than conventional methods, they do still come at a cost, and the wrong method chosen is time and money wasted. With the help of a San Antonio Internet marketing firm, like 2ten you can harness the right solutions for your specific needs. With this guidance, advice and assistance on your side, your business can grow and thrive.