BMW Facebook Campaign


A BMW dealership was launching a new electric vehicle in the market. Because the vehicle is not a core model, the budget for marketing this model was limited. To laser focus on the correct consumer we worked with the dealership to create a customer avatar. The Facebook campaign was run over over several months to drive traffic to the website and gain consideration for future buyers.


  • San Antonio, Boerne, San Marcos and surrounding areas
  • Household income above $75,000
  •  Age - 21-65+
  • Interest in Efficient energy use, Recycling, Sustainability, Global Warming,
    Renewable Energy, Air Pollution or Environmentalism


The campaign ran over 45 days, potentially reached 20,489 avatar customers, and sent 242 people to visit the New i3 inventory on the website. The total campaign cost was $157.53, an average of $.055 per visitor to the targeted inventory.

BMW Facebook Campaign Results

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